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Why use Tax & Accounting Services for YOUR business?

You have more time for the activities you enjoy 

Most people don't like doing paperwork, and you are probably no exception.  Whatever activity you enjoy in your business, whether it be dealing with customers,  or planning that new marketing campaign, by having Tax & Accounting do the paperwork,  you have more time to do those activities you do like. 

Increase your sales 

How can we increase your sales? Easy! By letting us handle the paperwork you have  more time for your current customers and more time to acquire new ones. With more  time to spend getting and keeping your customers, you will increase your sales.  What better way to spend your time than with your customers rather than the  drudgery of paperwork. 

More cost effective than doing the books yourself

Here's the rub: you need to do the books and paperwork but the more time you spend  on this the less sales you make. You have to look at what it costs for you to do the  books compared to letting someone like us. You will find in the long run that it is better to let someone else handle the paperwork and let yourself concentrate on getting sales. 

Make your books work for you

By having up-to-date bookkeeping and other records, you know how your business is  doing, and you can gauge where your business is going. This way you don't make the  mistake of stumbling around in the dark, like so many other small and homebred  business people have done. When armed with the right information, you can make much better decisions on the direction your business should take, and be able to  follow any trends that may come up. 

Monitor Receivables/Payables better

With timely invoicing and aging reports you will collect receipts faster, and keep better  track of those who take too long to pay (thereby, perhaps, stopping a bad situation  before it becomes bad). On the other hand, with timely payments you get those  discounts and keep your payables under control. You know on what and where you  are spending your money. Perhaps, reducing expenses that are out of control or seeing  that you may not spend enough on certain things that may increase sales. 

Stay ahead of the government

You know dealing with the government is part of business. By using our services you  can ensure your GST/PST/WCB returns and source deductions are filed and paid on  time. No more intrusions into your bank account because you forgot to pay. 

Save money at year end

You need to file your income taxes every year, and each year your accountant needs  certain information. If he has to compile it then it can cost you quite a bit. However,  if your books are in order for your accountant, he has less work to do, and for you that means a smaller bill from him.  

Our services are fully tax deductible

Canada Revenue Agency allows you to deduct an expense if it is incurred  to operate your business and the expense is reasonable. All of our services, except  resume preparation, are deductible for tax purposes. 

Peace of mind 

Knowing the details are being handled, become stress free knowing that the paperwork is  done, the forms are filed, and you have the information you need to conduct  your business. 

Accounting Services

We provide Full Accounting Services for corporations,  sole proprietorships and partnerships: 

  • Corporate Tax Return
  • Business Tax Return
  • GST/PST Return
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Personal Tax Return

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  • “We could not be happier with the performance of JDS Ventures as they have been up-to-date with our books. They make us feel like our partners instead of service-providers; isn’t that the service we all want?
    Green Maple Construction Ltd.
  • They have helped us with the skills required to make proper business decisions for the success of our company. Cheers to JDS Ventures.
    Aikam Entertainment Ltd.
  • JDS Ventures has helped us through every procedure for company’s accounting legalities without us having to do deal with the government ourselves.
    Luxury Holdings Ltd.
  • JDS Ventures has helped me keep up with CRA. When I switched to their services in 2004, it was all done and is now up-to-date.
  • JDS Ventures is a sign of relief for those who are intimidated by filing taxes and keeping track of financial data.
  • We highly recommend JDS Ventures’ Tax and Accounting Services; they started and maintained our business since 2008.
    M & M PHOTOGRAPHY LTD., Surrey, B.C.
  • We have been using JDS Ventures since 1998 and the service offered is great! We have no hesitation to recommend them to our friends and family.
  • In spite of the distance between us, JDS Ventures has maintained our books to date through out the years beginning 1998.
  • From our first year in 1998, JDS Ventures has delivered a solid financial model for us and it has always been very insightful to work with them.
    2943326 CANADA INC., Vancouver, B.C.
  • JDS Ventures has been my support system for our company through its first year in 2003. The staff has been helpful keeping us up-to-date with all our filings.
  • We have worked with JDS Ventures since our business started in 2005; their advice and service has not only provided growth in the business but also increased our overall margin. We highly recommend Tax and Accounting at JDS Ventures.
  • We thank JDS Ventures for their continuous dedication in working our business higher every year.
  • We were looking for a company that is reliable, consistent and is available to answer all our questions; the Tax and Accounting Centre at JDS Ventures had it all. Their staff communicates with us well and is friendly and knowledgeable. We have been with them since 2006 and I have enjoyed working with JD and his team, and look forward to continuing our relationship with them.

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